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In Our World - Feb '23

Welcome to our world! Thanks to the advice from one of our favorite editors, we've decided to launch a monthly OPR blog. I'm sure this will evolve as time goes on. But for now, I want to share some of our favorite articles, trends, and general insights on what is going on in our world. The year is 2023, and I'm writing my first blog post. Bear with me!


Let's talk about greenwashing. Since Greta Thunberg first stood outside of the Swedish Parliament, many of us have worked to reduce our carbon footprints. My personal favorite reusable purchase has been my stasher bags. Side note: did you know that I worked on the stasher account for a few years? I still remember being very late for work when the CNN interview went for almost 2 hours. Great article though!

But I digress... greenwashing has become a massive problem. What's even worse is that the companies who are truly trying to build an eco-friendly brand are realizing how tough it is. JJwinks, our fabulous sleepwear to streetwear brand, launched in 2018 and wanted three things: 1. To free the ta-tas without anyone knowing 2, To be made in the U.S. and 3, to take care of the environment as much as possible. And while they try to make it look easy, the reality is that it's damn hard! Co-Founder, Kelly Morrissey, recently wrote a blog post on the subject, and it makes sense why greenwashing is so much easier that the real thing.

So if you're looking for amazing eco-friendly loungewear that can double as a stylish top to wear for your next video call or is an essential you should add to your cruise packing list, look no further!

ChatGPT and Industry News

Last week was another tough one in the publishing industry as Dotdash Meredith laid off 274 people - equating to 7% of its workforce. My amazing friend, Amelia Edelman who happens to be the Senior Editorial Director at Parents, was over on Saturday evening, and we definitely spent some time unpacking this news. The wine helped at least.

Buzzfeed also announced that it plans to use ChatGPT to create content... the robots are coming for editors now! As we know, CNET played around with using ChatGPT to generate stories, and the results were... well pretty disastrous. I'm participating in an amazing Ask Me Anything with three editor friends on Monday, so I'm hoping to have more info for you in the next edition. I definitely have questions (which wouldn't shock any of my elementary school teachers)!

Did You Know?

Something fun... Did you know that I'm part owner of a premium, charcoal-filtered moonshine brand called Saint Luna?!

I've known their amazing CEO, David Suk, for years. He was previously the COO of aden + anais (my baby brands and parents know who I'm talking about!), and now he is at the helm of this uber cool company. The fabulous TJ just redesigned our website, so you can check out more about the brand and our team here.

In other news, our Chief Brand Queen and Head Mixologist, the fabulous Aubrey Slater, recently made a beautiful big batch cocktail recipe that was featured at a baby shower that Jessica Hall threw for one of her dear friends. We were so excited to be included for those who wanted a tipple, and Jessica even shared the recipe in her LA Weekly blog post!

I'm off to PR some more things, darling (for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, please watch Absolutely Fabulous). See you next month,

Sam x

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